How do States Make a Successful Solar Program? It’s a Combination. 0

solar-workersStates across the country have and are implementing programs that help homes, businesses and utilities go solar. Some, like California, Massachusetts and Hawaii have already seen huge successes in increasing the amount of clean solar, wind and other forms of renewable power in their states, while others, like New York and North Carolina are in the midst of drastically increasing the amount of solar power in their grid systems.

What makes these programs successful? The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has just released “The Effect of State Policy Suites on the Development of Solar Markets,” an NREL report that looks into how states have implemented successful solar policies. The report found that there’s no catch-all solution, but there are some tell-tale signs. “Their findings indicate that while no standard formula for solar implementation exists, a combination of foundational policies and localized strategies can increase solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in any state,” NREL stated.


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