House Reps are Looking Into Solar Leasing Issues 0

solar leasing problems

solar leasing issues Over the past few months a number of Democrats and Republicans Representatives have expressed concern over solar leasing practices.

Most recently 12 Republicans wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking it to investigate whether some solar leasing companies are misleading homeowners into solar contracts by over-promising energy cost savings over the life of the contract.
The letter, sent to the FTC Dec. 12, was led by Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar. In a press release he said: “It has been reported that some companies are using potentially deceptive sales techniques and overstating potential savings in order to get consumers to sign lengthy leases for rooftop solar systems.” He added, “The sales presentations, however, purportedly inflate grid power rates. If these allegations are true, these possibly misleading leases could be a serious threat to consumers as they are tied to our citizens’ homes and have the potential to cause significant harm to the solar industry.”


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