House of Representatives Pass Obama’s Historic Climate Change Bill

Obama CLimate Change

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on the historic climate change billproposed by President Obama and many other notable US Democrats, theHouse of Representatives voted in favour of adopting the new standardswhich would limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions to 17% belowwhat they were in 2005 by 2020. Although there is a lot of supportbehind this cause, it still has to make its way through the Senate, andmany Republicans are still pushing back against it for fear of itseffects on job creation. Here’s what Al Gore had to say on the subject:

The American Clean Energy Security (ACES) Act is one of the mostimportant pieces of legislation Congress will ever pass. Thiscomprehensive legislation will make meaningful reductions in globalwarming pollution, spur investment in clean energy technology, createjobs and reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

The next step is passage of this legislation by the Senate to helprestore America’s leadership in the world and begin, at long last, toput in place a truly global solution to the climate crisis.

We are at an extraordinary moment, with an historic opportunity toconfront one of the world’s most serious challenges. Our actions nowwill be remembered by this generation and all those to follow – in ourown nation and others around the world.”

Be sure to do your part and join RePower America, and be sure to show the Senate that you care about the passage of this bill.


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