HelioPower Solar Event Part of 350.org’s 10.10.10 Climate Action Day

350.org is organizing a Global Work Party across the world on Sunday 10/10/10 to celebrate climate solutions and send our politicians a clear message: "We’re getting to work—what about you?"

So far, there are 5127 events planned in 174 countries.

HelioPower will be supporting our clients, Barbara and Steve inMalibu, to host a solar electric system information event this Sunday,10/10/10 at 5pm.   

Said Barbara, “Our concern for our environment led Steve and I tolook into things we could do to help. Solar was a logical option for usbecause of its positive impact on the planet as well as our savings onour utility bills. We recently installed panels on our roof with amonthly payment program and want to share the good news.  Our HelioPower representative will be on hand to answer any questions you may haveabout solar.”

The HelioPower solar energy expert on hand will be Derek Girling. For more information, contact Derek Girling at DGirling@HelioPower.com  or go to the solar event in Malibu registration page on 350.org.


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