Hearst Tower Now LEED Certified Platinum AND Gold 0

The Hearst Tower is the first commercial office building in New York City that’s been certified for both LEED Gold for new construction and LEED Platinum for the operations and maintenance of its existing building.

In 2006, the Hearst Tower became one of the first green office buildings in NYC when it was certified LEED-Gold and now it’s received Platinum for how its been operating the building since then.

Management has reduced energy consumption by 40% – placing the building in the top 10% of efficient commercial office buildings in the US. Total waste going to landfills is down 82% – it’s the first commercial office building in NYC to compost 100% of its wet food waste. Water use is down 30% – all its non-potable water is reclaimed by capturing it on the roof.

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Treasures of New York: Hearst Tower
Explore this green building and see how this recent iconic addition to the skyline is redefining the modern skyscraper.

Check out it’s rain collection tank.

In January, JPMorgan Chase earned LEED-Platinum certification for the renovation of its NYC global headquarters –  the world’s largest renovation project to achieve Platinum status. And the Empire State Building achieved LEED-Gold for Existing Buildings.

Solar 2 will be NYC’s first net-zero energy and net-zero water building.

NYC was among the top states adding LEED-certified buildings in 2011, with 36,538,981 square feet certified.

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