Future Energy Solutions Creates Energy Harvesting Platform 1

In a bid to enable design engineers to gauge the feasibility of utilizing harvested energy to power appliances, Future Energy Solutions has unveiled a development system that includes a software which shows the flow of harvested energy from the time of its capture to conversion and storage.

Since the energy flow is depicted in real-time, the system will greatly help design engineers to test their creations with renewable energy and other sources such as vibrations and radio waves. This will save time and money and will help reduce trial and error.

The system comprises five modules that are connected to a control and measurement motherboard. The platform consists of a solar panel module that feeds a supercapacitor storage module through a power conversion module. The supercapacitors in turn provide power to an application through another power conversion module.

The development system enables for each module to be detached and replaced so that design engineers can test out various sources of energy. Likewise, the supercapacitor can be replaced with a battery pack. The control module lets users track and record energy capture and storage in real-time in the intended location. It also lets users switch the modules independently to see the time taken to charge the supercapacitors.

With Future Energy Solutions’ development system, engineers engaged in developing new devices and appliances can test their inventions with harvestable energy in real-world and real-time conditions. Aside from helping cut down costs, this will enable them to tweak their devices and iron out any kinks.

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