Frank Gehry’s Green Magnum OPUS Project 0

Frank Gehry’s new OPUS HONG KONG project takes luxury green living to a new level. This massive building comprises of two garden apartments and also ten big apartments, each with a unique floor plan and covering a full story. The structure of this splendid building is exception as it incorporates a series of spiral elegant curved front elevations, which are in sharp contrast to the grid outlines of the traditional colossal apartment blocks.

Gehry took to a natural approach to design this building, keeping in mind the setting which is landscaped in the lap of nature. It features properly accustomed glass enclosed columns slanting around the building. The building is so designed that it also allows the open apartments to run around the building’s central part along with the graceful portico of the building, which is made entirely of glass. As a result, the interior of this luxurious structure is light and airy with full exposure to the lush green view.

With its incredible outlook and lush green hillside, OPUS HONG KONG comes up as a unique formation, that will be difficult to be imitated in future. It also boosts up and reflects in its own significant way Hong Kong’s characteristic scenery as it is specially made for this beautiful city.

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