Ford Working with Dow Chemical on Carbon Fiber Technology for Cars 0

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) recently announced its partnership with Dow Automotive Systems to develop advanced carbon fiber composites that could be used in high-volume vehicles.

The two companies joint development agreement brings researchers from both sides together to collaborate on a number of different aspects of carbon fiber composites with each company bringing something unique to the table.

Ford brings its experience in design and engineering while Dow Automotive’s wheelhouse is materials science and high-volume polymer processing. The development teams will focus directly on establishing a cost-effective source of the automotive-grade carbon fiber in addition to developing component manufacturing methods for high-volume automotive applications.

This is part of Ford’s effort to investigate new materials and new manufacturing techniques that would cut weight while still adhering to safety and quality standards. The goal is to be able to cut 750 pounds by the end of the decade, which would boost fuel efficiency substantially.

Should Ford and Dow’s carbon fiber composite research prove fruitful, these carbon fiber components could start appearing on Ford automobiles within the next few years.

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