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It is possible for each business to make changes in order to reduce energy costs. Changes may consist of investments on a large scale or for some more frugal businesses, the green standard may come by way of subtle changes. Regardless, green standards in the work environment or within the domestic environment are necessary in order to reduce pollution and make the planet a healthier place to live for future generations.

Practical Energy Tip Number One: Attain useful advice from an energy auditor.

Many businesses find seeking out the recommendations of experts the best way to effect cost-savings as it pertains to their energy usage. The frugal business owner is advised to contact his or her local utility company to determine if the utility will provide either a free evaluation or an evaluation at a reasonable cost. The evaluation supplied by the Utility provides you with energy and cost saving measures particular to your business operation. Once at the business location, the auditor evaluates: energy needs of the business; energy usage of the commercial enterprise, and ways which energy and money can be saved.

Managers who are very green conscious may wish to take matters one step further. There are many online energy saving calculators available for use. In order to make use of an energy calculator, all that is need is for you to plug in the necessary information relative to the business enterprise. Once the information is plugged in: you are provided with relative recommendations how your business can specifically save energy; inclusive of a projection of any upfront costs with respect to implementing the energy savings.

Also, a value is provided as to how much your business can save, over time, in the implementation of certain energy-saving changes. A figure is provided how much the business can save energy-wise over time too. An energy saving calculator is found at the link

Practical Energy Tip Number Two: Implement ways to cut down on energy usage within a commercial enterprise on a day-to-day basis.

There are an abundance of simple ideas that managers can use in order to assure energy usage and costs are kept to a minimum. This is another area the green style manager may wish to make changes.

  1. Change your light bulbs to the energy efficient models. Specifically-speaking, the energy saving bulbs are referred to as CFLs which stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamps. Also, install Light Emitting Diodes referred to as LEDs.
  2. Make it a point to install Motion Detectors which shut off lights automatically in portions of the building where business activity is not conducted on a regular basis.
  3. When lights are not being used: turn them off.
  4. Make it a point to use the natural light from the sun by installing skylights.
  5. Install power strips, which make it possible to unplug a number of computers and printers simultaneously and at day’s end.
  6. Install a thermostat that is programmable.
  7. As much as possible, replace old-style appliances with energy efficient appliances.
  8. Install faucets providing a low flow, toilets which also provide a low flow and other type items within employee restrooms.
  9. A water heater providing energy efficiency is another recommended installation.
  10. Make certain to combine delivery trips, if you use a vehicle for such use. Use a GPS system known as a Global Positioning System in order to travel a route which is the shortest distance from point a to point b and in order to practice avoidance of heavy traffic. The preceding measure will assure you do not spend as much on gasoline.

Practical Energy Tip Number Three: Make use of new technology in order to reduce energy related costs

Commercial Enterprises are wise to make use of new forms of technology in the reduction of Energy Costs. In example, a Web Camera and software allows commercial enterprises to hold virtual-style meetings. The virtual style meeting allows persons involved in the meeting to save time and money. The associated cost of gasoline is decreased; and by staying in and conducting a virtual meeting, no harm with regard to pollution results from driving to and from meetings; flying to the client’s location or visiting internal employees at other office locations.

The business manager also can take advantage of the newest technology in order to establish work arrangements, which prove flexible and beneficial to their employees as well as cost-effective. In example, two or three members of staff may work from home on certain days. By allowing certain employees to work from home money is saved in way of overhead costs and the equipment supplied in order to have employees work in-house.

Practical Energy Tip Number Four: Educate members of staff about green-style initiatives

Education is a very important component of green style initiatives as it relates to Energy Saving policy-making. Make it known to your employees that you would like to enforce certain energy saving policies and guidelines within the work environment. Invite members of staff to provide ideas on how to cut energy costs even further. The issue of energy reduction and cost-savings must be approached with a positive and sincere attitude. The majority of work teams are more than pleased to offer possible green style solutions and ideas to their department managers and supervisors.

Practical Energy Tip Number Five: Add new space or construct new buildings making use of energy saving materials, devices, and systems

Any business that intends on increasing its operation by way of new construction is wise to plan the new building or space, assuring energy conservation measures are put into place. In fact, energy conservation measures with respect to any type of new construction must become a top priority. Placing energy conservation elements within the new construction will save you a great deal of money in the long run. The following materials and items are suggested when constructing any green style building:

Use drywall, which is thick, in order to prevent any cooling loss or heat from escaping the structure. Install skylights in order to take advantage of the natural light of the sun. Make use of a low energy light system and install solar panels.

In conclusion, there are literally hundreds of ways to reduce energy usage and in effect cause a reduction to the energy bill. Some green-style initiatives cost nearly zero while other measures are quite a bit more costly. You may wish, when building, to consult a builder who has a great deal of experience in building green. Whatever you decide initially, there is nothing to prevent you from continuing to add to energy reduction measures within the working environment.

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