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First Solar is the largest solar module firm by market capitalization, the largest thin-film solar firm, and one of the largest solar firms by capacity, shipments, and certainly by cumulative profits. The company is in the cross hairs of every other solar firm and continues to set the bar in terms of solar panel value and corporate performance.

What first Solar does in the next few years is important.

Which is why more than 200 people showed up last week to attend a presentation by Alex Panchula, First Solar’s Manager of Performance Analysis, presented by the Silicon Valley PV Society chapter of the IEEE.

First Solar shared its slides with GTM, and we’ll pass on the more interesting of the bunch.

In First Solar’s view, the future of photovoltaics is at the utility scale, but the innovation is “beyond the module.” And it’s not just power plants or even systems, according to Panchula — but rather about solving problems and providing solutions.

First Solar notes that global capacity has effectively tripled since 2009 in a supply chain without any barriers to entry in c-Si and a situation where supply oscillates between constrained and oversupply.

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