Feds Approve Another Desert Solar Energy Project in California 0

The approvals continue to roll in from federal regulators asCalifornia tries to turn its desert area into one giant solar energygenerating machine.

On October 26th, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar approved the $6 billion Blythe Solar Project to be built across more than 7,000 acres in California’s desert. Around the same time, approval came through for the Ivanpah Solar Project, which will produce enough energy to power the equivalent of 140,000 average American homes each year.

The latest approval came yesterday for the 250-megawatt (MW) Genesis Solar Energy Project, which will be built on desert land in southeastern California — a mere25 miles of the Blythe solar project site. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and California Energy Commission approved the project inSeptember, leaving Federal approval as the final barrier standing in the way of construction. Now that the barrier has been broken, the projectis expected to be completed in late 2012 or early in the 2013 calendaryear.

Florida-based NextEra Energy Resources is developing the project andexpects it to create 1,100 new jobs and power as many as 188,000 average American homes each year. Thirty percent of the $300 million tab toconstruct the project will come from federal stimulus funds. Genesiswill be built on public land.

Feds Approve Another Desert Solar Energy Project in California

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