EV Stations Come to Switzerland 0

Solar-powered EV charging stations are popping up all over the world, including in beautiful Switzerland.

iKratos, a German solar company based in Nuremberg, Germany, has constructed one of Switzerland’s first solar-EV charging stations in Weissenohe, just off of the B2 Autobahn.

The solar-powered EV charging canopy will produce about 3,000 kWh of electricity per year, or enough to power about 10,000 EV miles/16,000 kilometers in a traditional, full-sized EV such as a Nissan LEAF or Tesla Roadster.

Of course, iKratos says it also expects electric bicycles and motorcycles to fill up at the new “Solartankstelle”, which translates directly as “Solar Gas Station” – and they’re sure to get a lot more miles per solar kWh than a large, heavy traditional electric car.

While we don’t know how many solar-powered EV charging stations there are in Switzerland, we do know that Germany, the world’s solar leader, has up to 300 such stations. You can view a map of Germany’s impressive number of solar-powered EV charging stations at Solartankstelle.com.

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