Envision Solar Announces Pre-fab ‘Solar Trees’


Envision Solar recently announced that it has successfully completed the engineering, manufacturing and deployment of its new pre-engineered purlin structures for Solar Tree® arrays. According to Envision, the first of these structures have been deployed in Colorado and California for separate customers.

The new engineered purlin structures are part of Envision Solar’s Drag & Drop Infrastructure™ product line that offers faster, more efficient deployment of the Solar Tree® structures.

“This is another example of our using technology to improve our products and reduce our deployment time,” noted Envision Solar President and CEO Desmond Wheatley.

Pre-engineered purlin sections arrive at the customer site as part of a complete kit which includes everything that is needed to install Envision Solar’s tracking Solar Tree® structure. The sections are fabricated in a factory environment, which allows for “the highest quality assurance and the least amount of field activity” claims Envision.

The new purlin structures form an important part of the company’s Drag and Drop Infrastructure™, which is designed to enable the swift deployment of the large volumes of the company’s products.

Original Article on SolarChargedDriving.com

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