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When someone mentions lousy weather — rain, clouds, overcast skies and, well, fog — the first place that comes to my mind is England. Yet the UK looked to Germany (another cloudy region) as a role model when they launched their first-ever solar park, situated on a former World War II airfield at Westcott Venture Park in Buckinghamshire.

The Westcott Solar Park was opened by Rockspring Property Investment Managers, who were advised by renewable energy specialist Ownergy. The solar PV arrays were constructed by Solon SE of Germany.

New Solar Park Facts and Figures:

  • Westcott Solar Park contains 1,512 solar panels arranged in 23 rows.
  • The panels take up 3.5 acres.
  • The park produces about 365,000 kWh of electricity per year, providing 15 percent of the electricity consumed by more than 60 companies with office space in Aylesbury.

If England Can Do It, You Can Too
While these figures represent a long way to go to reach the solar energy production level of Germany, which leads the world in solar power production and hosts the world’s 12th largest solar park, it’s a strong start.

Solar parks, funded and developed by private companies, are one way to rapidly increase the use of solar energy. But every little bit helps our world take another step towards more sustainable, renewable energy sources.

If UK investors and land development companies see the benefits of solar energy in the form of solar parks, certainly it makes sense on a smaller scale as well.

Aside from Seattle, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place with fewer sunny days and more clouds than Great Britain. There is literally no region in the continental United States that can’t benefit from the cost savings and positive environmental impact of solar energy.

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