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Our national holiday devoted to eating, Thanksgiving, is also a holiday that can spike your energy use. The chill of November, along with your guest’s expectations of a large traditional feast mean large amounts of energy use in the home. OpenEI thought it was appropriate to offer a couple of basic energy saving tips to keep in mind to help lower energy use over Thanksgiving.

1. Keep the oven door shut.
This is kind of a no-brainer, but with a bunch of hungry guests who want to sample whats in the oven, the door can be open a lot. Try to shut it as often as possible.

2. Stuff the oven.
You’re paying to heat the oven, so make sure you stuff the oven with several dishes to save on energy.

3. Use the microwave.
Compared to your oven, a microwave uses a fraction of the energy. If applicable, use the microwave for cooking or warming needs.

4. Choose the proper burner.
Make sure the size of your burner matches the size of the pot or dish on it. If your pot is small with a large burner area, you are wasting energy.

5. Load the dishwasher.
Using your dishwasher saves on energy versus scraping away at Thanksgiving dishes.

One final thing to keep in mind is that all of this cooking will heat your home, so don’t forget to turn down your thermostat. Last but not least, Happy Thanksgiving from everyone on the OpenEI team!!

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