Energy Secretary Moniz Senate Majority Leader Reid Call Solar 0

moniz-520Today both Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) spoke up for solar at the Solar Power International (SPI) conference at Las Vegas calling it critical to the US and its energy future. The remarks follow a new effort from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) to extend the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which Reid supported in earlier remarks at the show.

“We are big on solar,” Moniz said. “The fundamental case is extremely strong, built on both technology and business model innovation, but we have to keep working together to grow solar in this country.” Moniz said that solar was critical to the United States’ efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and to reach that point further cost reductions in solar power must be made.Moniz speaking. Courtesy SEIA’s Facebook page.

“Cost reduction, as we have seen dramatically in solar energy, is very much a part of shaping our clean energy future,” Moniz said. “We’ve seen costs of modules decline by nearly 80 percent,” he added.

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