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Tonight’s presidential debate, which takes place in Hempstead, Long Island, is a town hall, where undecided voters get to ask the questions.

Unfortunately, the subject matter is limited to foreign policy, so many important questions average voters would ask won’t be allowed (how about their positions on a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United?).

Is the subject of Energy a foreign policy question? How about “Global” Climate Change? Some would perceive both questions as inextricably connected to our relations around the world. Even the US Department of Defense calls climate change a threat to national security.

But, apparently, tonight’s moderator, Bob Schieffer, will stick to  terrorism and the Middle East.

In fact, among 3,000 questions submitted by Google users, Climate Change tops the Energy category, reports The Examiner:

  • “What actions will you take to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions?”
  • “Governor Romney, how can you justify removing subsidies for alternative energy sources and keeping them in place for the oil industry? Please keep in mind you said that the entire energy industry should compete on a ‘level playing field’.”
  • “Both of you are concerned about the long term FINANCIAL debt being handed to our children. But what about the long term ENVIRONMENTAL debt that is being handed to them? How do you propose to reduce it, SPECIFICALLY carbon dioxide?”
  • “The U.S. has 3,900% more sun than Germany, but Germany produces 6,000% more solar energy than the U.S.? What does the next President of the U.S. plan to do to close the gap in green productivity and green labor?”
  • “Gov. Romney, there is nearly absolute scientific consensus that combustion of fossil fuels is driving climate change, at great cost to our health and wellbeing. As prez., how would you overcome opposition in your own party to addressing this crisis?”
  • “There is no longer any serious doubt among scientists that climate change, caused by fossil fuel burning, is now an imminent danger to the health, wealth, and well-being of our nation. What actions will you take to tackle this vital issue?”
  • “Do you have a specific plan to deal with climate change? If so please explain what your plan is and how it will be implemented and paid for. If you don’t have a plan please explain why.”
  • “Young people in Florida, and across the country, are working to move beyond dirty energy like coal, fracking & nuclear – what will your administration do to move beyond fossil fuels and address our generation’s greatest challenge, the climate crisis?”
  • “Given the scientific support for the imminent dangers due to climate change, why do you espouse subsidies for the oil and gas industries, but would remove those for wind and solar?”
  • “Climate change is one of biggest problems facing the us, its also a huge financial opportunity. Germany is moving grid to renewable energy, China is spending billions on green technologies. What will you do about this opportunity to generate wealth?”

    In the first debate, the only discussion of energy was around Romney’s Solyndrization of Obama’s support for a green economy, but clearly citizens see through that and have much deeper questions.

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