Electric Cars= $1 a Gallon Gas for Life + $1,200 Cash per Year 0

Green advocates may tout the many benefits of owning an electric car but for those with a love for internal combustion engine-run vehicles, it’s no contest. EVs are more expensive than gasoline-based cars, their range is limited and the hassle of plugging them in for a charge just doesn’t seem worth it. A new study could just about sway opinion, however; EVs are said to equal about $1 a gallon of petrol for life as well as saving users $1,200 in cash every year.

The figures were drawn up by a study conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists which attempts to show the difference between gas and electricity costs under various oil-price scenarios. Now, it’s a fact that gas prices are soaring, so much so that it has become increasingly difficult for the common man to commute. In fact, the gas issue is on the top of the agenda for most countries at present, all trying to figure out how to combat or at least temper the problem. This has prompted more investment in the renewable energy sector to drive down costs.

According to the union, EV owners in 50 US cities who drive 11,000 miles every year will be able to save between $750 and $1,200 per annum compared to those covering the same distance using gasoline at $3.50 per gallon. This is a significant amount not only for individuals but will help lessen the burden put on resources.

Of course, EVs are expensive initially and over the course of their life, may need a couple of battery changes which aren’t cheap. But in the long run, the money saved on gas is pretty huge. EVs are also ‘nicer’ to drive. Torque is delivered at nil rpm, providing fast acceleration; drives are silent and vibration-free; and, most important of all, they emit no toxic carbon.

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