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Earth Day is about sharing an awareness that results in lasting change and nowhere is this more important than in the business community. Everyone needs to be involved and invested to enact the scope of the changes required. But as a leading contributor of climate change causing emissions business has a unique responsibility. As part of efforts to raise awareness businesses are reaching out to employees, customers and their supply chains.

Changes in the way we do business are key to planetary health. We all have the responsibility to engage people in our personal and professional circles. Most importantly we need to lead by example. For businesses this means engaging sustainability and adopting best practices.

The business community is at the forefront of the sustainability revolution. One of the notable Earth Day activities for business involves partnerships between the Earth Day Network and some major corporations. Two examples of close collaboration with the Earth Day Network come from Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC (BATO) and Best Western International.

Earth Day is indeed a marketing bonanza, but it is more than just one day of smoke and mirrors. Earth Day is an opportunity to share sustainability initiatives, kick off environmental activities and highlight employee engagement programs that last throughout the year.

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