Dow’s Solar Shingle Gets UL Certification 0

Dow Solar Shingle

About a month ago, Dupont hinted it may develop a solar shingle that would challenge Dow Chemical Company, which has been working onits own building integrated phovotvoltaic (BIPV) product offerings.

On Tuesday, the second company achieved a milestone, earning Underwriters Laboratories’ safety certification for itsPowerhouse Solar Shingle, a product that Dow hopes will generate $5 billion in revenue by 2015. Here’s a snippet from the press release:

“This is another important milestone towards the planned2011 commercialization of Dow’s solar shingles, and represents a crucial third-party validation of the safety of this product,” said Dow SolarVice President, Jane Palmieri. “We are dedicated to making solar easyfor homeowners, builders, and roofing contractors who already trust theperformance and safety of building products bearing the Dow brand.”

It bears noting, however, that solar shingles are considerably lessefficient than conventional framed solar panels. As a result, a largearea is needed to generate any appreciable amount of electricity.Because of these limitations, residential solar shingle projectsrepresent a very small percentage of total solar panel projects in theU.S. Whether Dow’s new PowerHouse shingle can change this remains to beseen.

Dow’s Solar Shingle Gets UL Certification

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