Dear Mitt Romney: America Wants Solar 0

Mitt Romney has been going out of his way to cast himself as Mr. Oil, Mr. Coal and Mr. Gasand doing what he can to paint Barack Obama as an out-of-touch greenie for supporting solar.

But it’s a bit difficult to undersand exactly why given the tremendously high percentage of Americans who support solar

In fact the vast majority of Americans clearly — and rightly — see as a major source of energy for the U.S. for the future, one that does not just “green” things up, but also which has huge potential to do one of the things Mitt says he’s gung ho about: Getting America off of foreign sources of energy and onto the track of energy independence.

In fact, we’ve speculated in a previous column as to why, when solar is so hugely popular in the U.S. across political lines, why Mr. Romney isn’t embracing it, or why, to be fair, Mr. Obama has at best been tepid in speaking out in support of solar and other renewable energy forms. So we won’t do so again here. But we will point you to the great infographic to the right, which, well, graphically illustrates just how popular solar is in the U.S. — even if the presidential candidates themselves just don’t seem to quite get it.

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