DayStar Gets Booted by Landlord; Decides to Outsource $DSTI 0

Remember that Bruce Springsteen song "Out in the Street" from "The River?"

DayStar Technologies is living it today.

The early, and now faltering, pioneer in copper indium galliumselenide (CIGS) solar cells reported today that it will seek partners to produce its panels overseas. The company will also entertain jointventures and licensing.

Finding manufacturing partners may not be easy. While contractmanufacturers are available for assembling modules or producingcrystalline silicon solar cells, CIGS remains a rarefied art. Only a few companies–Global Solar, Miasole, Solyndra–actually produce CIGS modules and even then manufacturingremains in relatively conservative modules. Mass manufacturing finickyCIGS modules remains a challenge.

The shift in part likely has to do with information disclosed in an SEC filing this month.

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