Customers complain of dangerous problems from BP Solar panels 0

520-bp-solarDANVILLE, Calif. (KTVU) — Frustrated customers who bought BP’s solar system tell 2 Investigates that the corporation has left them on the hook for dangerous, defective panels and a warranty that’s no good.

BP, the company that claimed it’s “beyond petroleum” is the same company that spilled the equivalent of 25,000 semi-tanker trucks of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. BP often advertises its corporate responsibility, support of jobs and its alternative energy leadership.

But some customers who bought into one of BP’s alternative energy systems say that the same corporation that fouled the waters of the Gulf is also fouling their homes and pocketbooks with defective solar panels that have a bevy of problems, including panels burning up, shattering, and putting homes in danger.

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