Critics question SRP’s solar-energy payments 0

SRP solar tax

SRP solar taxSeveral critics of Salt River Project’s recent decision to charge higher fees to solar customers accused the public utility of “profiting” from the solar power it gets from rooftops and sells to other customers.

Several of the people who attended SRP’s public meetings on the rate changes asked for a full accounting of the surplus power SRP gets from rooftop solar.

It’s a little difficult to follow the logic from such complaints. If SRP were profiting from customers’ rooftop solar, wouldn’t it be encouraging more rooftop solar, not raising rates on those customers and likely discouraging the technology?

Utilities are targeting rooftop solar for higher fees specifically because they are not good for power companies’ incomes.

Figures from SRP show rooftop solar is not a profit center for the utility, at least not under its old rate schedule that 15,000 solar customers use. Solar customers who signed up since Dec. 8 will have a different rate schedule.


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