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One of the latest trends in Photovoltaic Solar power technology is solar powered equipment like solar powered sound!

What are sound boxes? Sun Boxes are solar powered sound installation(s) powered by innovative leader Craig Colorusso. Sound artist Colorusso, brought his Sun Boxes to Vermont State Parks!

Sun Boxes are comprised of twenty speakers spread over a large, open lawn operating independently, each powered by Photovoltaic Solar panels. There is a different loop in each box, programmed to continuously play a different guitar note. Each guitar note makes a Bb chord. A new way to enjoy nature and music at it’s best!

The sound of Sun Boxes have been described as both soothing and energizing! A unique combination of adjectives often used to describe yoga or meditation. What an amazing experience. With the abundance of technology and hustle of our day to day lives, we have been waiting for an innovative concept like this to encourage people to slow down their fast paced life styles, this is the perfect solution.

Come experience Sun Boxes using Photovoltaic Solar technology during regular operating hours at these Vermont State parks:

July 5-7 at Elmore State Park in Lake Elmore
July 13-15 at Grand Isle State Park in Grand Isle
July 20-22 at Knight Point State Park in North Hero
July 27-29 at Silver Lake State Park in Barnard
Aug 2-5 at Camp Plymouth State Park in Ludlow

If you would like to back this project please check Sun Boxes in Vermont State Parks on KickStarter.

Cool Sun Boxes Video:

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