Copenhagen Day 2 – Climate Change Conference in Denmark 0

Delegates at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, had quite a day.

The week leading up to the conference, a report was circulating thatDenmark, host of the conference, had a drawn up a text that was sure tocome under fire. Yesterday afternoon Britains’ The Guardian Newspaperpublished what they claimed to be this text. Further the paper alsoclaims to have read “a confidential analysis by developing countries”which “shows deep unease”.

The draft acknowledges that 2020 as the year which global emissionshould peak, while also acknowledging that developed countries havecollectively peaked and that the timeframe will be longer fordeveloping countries. The text goes on to specify emission reductiontargets for both developed and developing countries.

What as the latter up in arms is possible shift of control of enforcement of any agreement to developed countries.

Confused yet?

Under the present agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, developing countriesare exempt from obligations, but industrialized countries have stressedthat this will not be feasible in the future. The Danish text says that“developing countries, except the least developed which may contributeat their own discretion, commit to nationally appropriate mitigationactions”. According to The Guardian’s sources, “developing countriesare infelicitous about the new proposed division between the ‘leastdeveloped’ and other developing nations.

Another sticky point is the suggestion to transfer more control overthe enforcement of the Copenhagen agreement from the UN administration,to the World Bank. Such a move would indirectly shift more control over to the industrialized world.

In other news, UPI is reporting the period from 2000 -2009 will beconsidered to be one of the warmest on record. Additionally the WorldMeteorological Organization said 2009 will rank among the 10 warmestyears since 1850. The WMO said temperatures for the current year standbetween 0.6 degrees and 1 degree Fahrenheit higher than the averagefrom 1961-1990.

The WMO said the period from 2000-2009 was warmer than the 1990-99 decade, which was warmer than the 1980-1989 time span.
Forecasters cited El Nino conditions and human-caused global climatechange for the increases. Only in North America were lower averagetemperatures recorded.

“We are in a warming trend – we have no doubt about it” said WMO Secretary General, Michel Jarraud.

And from the “Did they really do that file”, you may remember whenCEO’s of the former Big Three Automakers arrived in Washington, handsheld out, looking for a big influx of cash, but they all arrived viaprivate jet. Only to be scolded by the commission and ordered todispose of the luxury items. Fox news is reportingthat delegates haven’t been arriving in fleet of Smart cars, but ratherthe city airport has been swarmed with 140 private jets, and over 1200hired limousines and “a carbon footprint the size of a small country”.



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