groSolar to Open Leading Edge Summer Training Series to Everyone

White River Junction, VT – groSolar,North America’s premier solar distributor, with more than 1,500 nationwidesolar dealer-installers, is rolling out a summer webinar series tomorrow.  Each one hour webinar, consisting of apresentation and Q&A session, will be given by training and productmanagers from groSolar’s leading manufacturers, including Astronergy,IronRidge, Canadian Solar and SolarEdge. This is the first time the distribution powerhouse is allowing non- groSolar dealers to attend. 

“We thought this throughcarefully and decided to open this series up to solar installers everywhere,given our ultimate and collective goal is to get solar on as many roofs aspossible,” said Jeff Wolfe, CEO, groSolar. “We hope installers who arecurrently getting their product elsewhere will take us up on this opportunityto learn more about our product line and training capability, while recognizingour initiative to showcase groSolar’s industry leadership consisting ofcompetitive pricing, assured availability and unmatched service.”

One of the series’ featuredpresenters is Jeff Laughy, Training Manager with SolarEdge, who will talk aboutend-to-end distributed solar power harvesting, using DC conversion.

“Iam truly excited to be a part of the groSolar training series, bringing leadingknowledge to the solar industry.  groSolar has a long history of promoting simple solar energysolutions like the SolarEdge system, which provides groundbreaking distributedsolar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems,” said Laughy. “Our solutionmaximizes power generation of residential and large-scale PV systems, forfaster return on investment.”


AlanKing, VP of Sales, Canadian Solar USA, Inc., is presenting in August.  This webinar will address current CanadianSolar products and new product developments.


“Canadian Solar is pleased to present in-depth product informationin groSolar’s dealer training program.  Education is a keystone to the solar industry’s growth and we supportgroSolar’s diligence in building a comprehensive program to expand their dealers’solar expertise,” King said.


Theseries begins tomorrow (Wednesday), with Training Manager, Jarrett Skeffingtonof Enphase, who will train groSolar dealers on the much anticipated M215microinverter, slated to hit the market in early June.  This particular presentation is only forauthorized groSolar dealers.


“Thisis a long awaited product and we’re excited to start rolling it out the doornext month.  Enphase agreed to give thistraining and preview, exclusively to groSolar dealers, which we greatlyappreciate.  This is one of many, manyadvantages our dealers have, when working with groSolar.  We figured it only makes sense to kick offthis series with a presentation, exclusive to our dealers, as a token of ourappreciation for their commitment and business,” said Wolfe.


For a complete line-up of webinars, pleasevisit*


*Check frequently as schedule will update when webinars are added.  Participants will be offered limited time,special pricing on the featured product. Details of the special pricing will be provided in an email following thewebinar, which must be attended to get offer.



groSolar is North America’spremier provider of solar energy solutions for commercial and residentialapplications.  groSolar serves the 1 to30 MW commercial markets with complete EPC, financing, and development options,while serving the residential markets exclusively through its nationwidedistribution division.  Founded in 1998,groSolar brings leading knowledge to the industry and integrates componentsfrom leading solar manufacturers into simple solar energy solutions, whichgenerate clean, reliable energy for decades. groSolar is a mission-driven company dedicated to providing high qualitysolar energy systems and financial solutions. Learn more at  or call 800.374.4494.







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100% Renewable Energy by 2050?

Can it really be done? Skeptical Science brings you “A Plan for 100% Renewable Energy by 2050.”



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Weird and Wacky Solar

Treehugger has compiled a list of “Wacky and Unexpected Things Using Solar Power“. It’s a fun look at some things that are already using the sun’s energy. However, it also makes you wonder about the potential for more everyday items to utilize the power of the

From movie theaters to planes, beehives and dog sweater,  solar can turn up in unexpected places.

And tell us… what is the weirdest use of solar energy you have seen?

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groSolar Training: Stepping Up To Commercial PV

Join us tomorrow for a training:

Stepping Up to Commercial PV

Presented by: Jeff Spies of SolarSpies and Kyle Toll (groSolar Distribution Technical Sales Rep) will share insights that will help residential installers successfully and profitably compete in the commercial PV installation business.

Description: Topics include:

  • The opportunities for commercial projects
  • Differences between residential and commercial customers
  • Challenges
  • Profit margins and incentives
  • Project timelines
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Site survey and commercial rooftop PV
  • Bidding and negotiating
  • Risk assessment
  • Contracts & variances
  • Change order process
  • Staffing
  • Out of state projects

Type: Webinar

Cost: Free

DateWednesday, February 16 – 9AM-10AM MST/ 11AM-12PM EST

See all of our trainings at


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groSolar Training: Solar Marketing and PR

Presented by: Jeff Spies – President of SolarSpies & Secretary of NABCEP – the solar industry certification agency.


Marketing is more important to a solarcontractor when compared to other trades due to lack of repeatcustomers. Your business needs a steady stream of qualified prospects to survive and grow. With the dramatic increase in solar contractors,standing out from the crowd takes careful marketing planning andimplementation. We will review the best resources and strategies thathave helped successful solar contractors attract qualified customers and help make the sales process more effective. This webinar will address:

  • Planning YOUR marketing program
  • Target customers -residential & commercial
  • Referrals
  • Online Marketing
  • Website, Email, Social Media
  • Trade Shows & Home Shows
  • Training Events
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Print Ads
  • Outdoor Ads
  • Radio & TV
  • Press Releases
  • Press Coverage

Type: Webinar

Cost: Free

DateTuesday, January 4th: 9AM-10AM PST (12PM-1PM EST) – REGISTER NOW

Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.


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Upcoming Solar Training from groSolar

We have some great upcoming solar trainings for your to take advantage of. These are all in webinar format and free to attend. They are:

Solar Selling
Tuesday, December 21st
This webinar will address the sales challenges facing solar contractorsand the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to establish sound salesstrategies for your growing PV installation business. Register today at

Waterproofing Your Roof Penetrations with Quick Mount PV
Tuesday, December 21st
Water intrusion from roof penetrations has become a major concern in the solar industry. In this presentation Johan Alfsen, of Quick Mount PV, will discuss how to follow important roofing codes in order to maintain roof warranties, protect the roof, and installer liability. VariousQuick Mount PV products will be discussed. Register today at

Solar Marketing & PR
Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
Learn effective solar marketing practices helpful in generating a steady stream of qualified prospects. Gain insight on the best resources andstrategies used by successful solar contractors to attract qualifiedcustomers and help make the sales process more effective. Register today at

gro Your Solar Business – An Insider’s Guide to Success
Friday, January 14th, 2011
This popular presentation covers the key steps to succeeding in theincreasingly competitive solar business. For more information or toregister go to


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groSolar Offers SunRun Solar Financing

Did you know that if you live in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania orMassachusetts you can go solar for a very low down payment (a couple ofthousand dollars) and a fixed low monthly payment for your solarelectricity? Often times your monthly solar payment is less than whatyou have been paying your utility company, plus the rate you pay forsolar electricity won’t change even as utility rates increase. Soundgood, huh? Find out more about SunRun solar financing in your state:


New York



Don’t live in one of the states listed above? Don’t worry, stronglocal, state and federal incentives and low module pricing make solaraffordable and within reach for most homeowners. Find specifics for your state on our Solar by State map. United_States_allon_nobkgd


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Growing Energy

It’s that time of year in New England – beautiful fall foliage, frostymornings, vistas that take ones breath away. It’s also the time to putthe gardens to bed and hope that we have enough food stored to last usthrough the winter. Who am I kidding? I, unfortunately, am not that good of a farmer. We’d surely starve if we had to live off my garden.Luckily, we can rely on local farmers to keep my family fed through thewinter.
But there is one type of farming our family has excelled at – growingelectrical energy at our home. Speaking as someone who works full time,this type of farming can’t be beat. I don’t need to put it away for thewinter, I don’t need to mulch it, I don’t need to build a barn toshelter it from the winter winds. With the generation of solarelectricity, you plant once and enjoy the harvest day after day, yearafter year. There is nothing we have found quite as satisfying aswatching the electric meter spin backwards. We have managed, over theyears, to conserve enough and “plant” enough to generate all theelectricity we use each year.
We even grow some forms of heating energy too, the passive solar andsolar hot water panel forms of heating. We have yet to fell and splitour own fire wood – we get help from our neighbor with that. We stick to and recommend highly the no maintenance energy garden. It is aninvestment in the next quarter century of energy, with a great return on the investment both from price stability and environmental perspective. I sleep better at night knowing I am doing what I can to leave thisplanet a little greener for the next generations. 

As I wrote in the children’s song “What’s a Watt?”:
What’s a Watt? It’s what I’ve got, growing in the open air.
Out on a pole, or on the roof, raising them without a care.
They’re incredible, hardly edible; Watt’s don’t do any harm.
What’s a Watt? It’s what I’ve got, growing out on the farm.

We started out small, just a panel that’s all, added some more when we could.
They don’t need watering, no messy stalls. They don’t need any food at all.
What do you need to raise a Watt? Sunshine certainly helps.
They don’t pollute the environment. Energy that heaven sent….

What can you do with a bunch of these Watts? You might be curious to know.
Light up the night, keep computers bright, they can actually run the whole show.
We watch our Watts and how we use them. Conserving certainly helps.
No matter where you live or work, you can be an energy farmer too…

So if you care about keeping the New England landscape pristine andthe maple trees beautiful, take action, small or large, but do something to reduce your use of fossil fuels. Become a farmer of energy. Whetheryou start with simple conservation measures – buying food locally,making a home-cooked meal using minimal packaging, weatherizing yourhome or whether you take the plunge into a renewable energy system or an electric vehicle, positive actions heal in more ways than one.
Now a word of warning – farming energy, while clean, quiet andnon-polluting, is addicting. I confess – I am happily addicted togrowing my own energy and then using as little of it as I can. There are a lot of addictive habits out there to lure us and ensnare us. Gettinghooked on energy conservation and renewable energy production is thebest. I encourage one and all to joining the quickly growing ranks ofenergy farmers. You won’t regret it.

Dori Wolfe
Co-Founder and Treasurer, groSolar
Strafford, VT Resident

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groSolar Update from the Floor of SPI

Pix fresh from SPI10 in LA of the groSolar crew and groSolar booth (#931). Stop by and say hi!

spi10 crew

day one


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groSolar’s Booth at SPI10 (#931)

The groSolar booth at SPI10 in LA is coming together…




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Sneak Peak of groSolar Videos for SPI10


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groSolar Solar Education Webinar

Questions about how solar works?  Wondering whether solar is rightfor your home?  Does solar really work well in the US?   Join DanielleHudson of groSolar for a solar education presentation, brought to incelebration of’s 10-10-10 Global Work Day Initiative.

“As America converts to renewable energy, it’s going to needprofessionals of the caliber of groSolar. They got us up and running on sunlight in a matter of days; the system has worked reliably foryears, and now we’re adding more. They are a necessary part ofAmerica’s environmental future.”
-Bill Mckibben, Founder,

Take part in this webinar and learn how to sign-up for a FREE solar evaluation for your home.

Date: Friday, October 8th

Time: 2-4pm EST


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groSolar’s Jeff Wolfe Speaking at SPI10

speaker_badge_lowgroSolar will be at Solar Power International (SPI) this October 12-14 at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles. Stop by our booth, #931! SPI is the largest PV industry tradeshow and conference in the solarindustry. Over 1,000 exhibitors and nearly 30,000 attendees will bethere. Will you?

In addition to our booth at SPI, our CEO, Jeff Wolfe, will bepresenting during public night and will also be speaking on a panel. The details are:

What: Jeff Wolfe presenting “Climate Presentation,Problems and Solutions based on ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘Our Choice’ by Al Gore”
Date: Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center
Description: Presented at the free “Public Night” ofSolar Power International at the LA Convention Center. Attendance at the talk and for the exhibits if free to the public. The Climate Project’s(TCP) mission is to educate the public about the harmful effects ofclimate change and to work toward solutions at a grassroots levelworldwide. Each TCP Presenter delivers a version of Gore’s slideshowbased on his best-selling books and the Academy Award-winningdocumentary film “An Inconvenient Truth”. As part of this select groupsof 1200 individuals in the US chosen to become TCP Presenters, Jeffcompleted the TCP training program in 2007. Less time is spent ondefending the climate science, and more solutions are now presented inthe slideshow, since climate change is now more widely understood andaccepted.

What: Jeff Wolfe Speaking at “Wholesale DistributedGeneration: FITs, Standard Contracts, Auctions, and the Next Big Thingin U.S. Solar”
Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 515B
Description: Wholesale distributed generation is one of the fastest growing and most exciting new solar markets in the country. These facilities have sufficient scale to deliver low prices toratepayers, and virtually unlimited siting opportunities. Come learnfrom the experts about the multiple business models, programs, andmarket participants that are emerging to exploit this marketopportunity. The panel will feature presentations from leadingutilities, solar companies, and policy experts about current events, and a moderated discussion about future developments.

Hope to see you there!

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groSolar Supports

groSolar supports’s 10-10-10 Global Work Day to fight climate change. Here’s CEO Jeff Wolfe atop our corporate headquarters in WhiteRiver Junction, VT showing support near the 100 kW solar electric arrayon our roof.

JW350 013

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