Construction Begins on Giumarra Vineyards Solar Project

HelioPower,an integrated energy solutions company with over 1600 solar and cleanenergy systems engineered and installed since 2001, today announced thecommencement of construction on a 516 kilowatt (kW) dc commercial solarpower system for Giumarra Vineyards Corporation.  The solar photovoltaic (PV) system will be adjacent to Giumarra’s mainproduction and cold storage facility in Bakersfield, CA.  Using 2296 PVmodules, the system will deliver 1 gigawatt-hour of electricityannually, enough to power over 200 homes.  The system will offset morethan 24,000,000 pounds of CO2 emissions over the next 20 years.

The Bakersfield solar power installation is a key milestone in theGiumarra sustainability program.  The program’s energy strategiesinclude the reduction of electricity consumption throughout its growingand packing operations and the generation of clean energy to bring downcosts and carbon emissions.

“Its a great feeling when we can reduce our operating costs and do the right thing for the environment,” said fourth generation grower and shipper John Giumarra III.  “Growers are being squeezed byescalating costs on all fronts.  We must be diligent in controllingcosts in every aspect of our business, with our new solar power systembeing the first step in holding the line on our ever increasing energycosts, while at the same time doing our part to become a moresustainable family farming operation.”  

HelioPower is providing turnkey energy solutions for the Giumarrasolar power project out of its Bakersfield based operations.  The system configuration is ground mounted, with a single-axis tracker system. Completion, utility interconnection and commissioning of the Giumarrasolar power system is slated for early this summer.  Energy generationwill be monitored and analyzed by the HelioPower proprietary energyanalytics software to ensure production capacity is fully utilized. 

“Giumarra is setting an important example in the agriculturalcommunity,” said Ty Jagerson, President of HelioPower.  “They havecreated a high bar for their energy solutions program.  We are verypleased to empower them to generate their own clean energy, beginningwith solar electricity.”


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