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JA Solar Holdings Co. (China), one of the world’s largest solar cell producers, announced this week that its p-type mono-crystalline silicon (“mono-Si”) solar cells, a new family of high-performance solar cells dubbed “Percium,” have surpassed 20% conversion efficiency. Only recently we reported that company’s multi-crystalline silicon (“multi-Si”) solar cells have reached a conversion efficiency of 18.3%.

The newly achieved conversion efficiency, which has been independently confirmed and certified by the Fraunhofer ISE’s photovoltaic calibration laboratory (CalLab) in Freiburg, Germany, sets an industry-leading level for industrial size (156×156 mm2) solar cells using p-type mono-Si wafers.

The breakthrough follows JA Solar’s recent announcement of the industry-leading efficiency of its multi-crystalline silicon (“multi-Si”) solar cells. JA Solar plans to introduce the new cell technology into mass production within the next six months and integrate the new high-efficiency cells into module assembly lines for commercial use.

“This latest above 20% conversion efficiency of solar cells using p-type mono-Si wafers is of great importance in terms of cost-effectively manufacturing high-performance solar cells and modules,” said Mr. Yong Liu, CTO of JA Solar. “It is also a further boost to our efforts to meet the growing demand for high-performance solar power products.”

“This result builds on the momentum that our R&D team has generated in recent months,” added Dr. Wei Shan, chief scientist and general R&D manager of JA Solar. “We have repeatedly achieved average conversion efficiency of over 20% since May of this year on over 10,000 cells. We’re fully confident in bringing such products to serve our clients’ needs. Our R&D team has an excellent track record of commercializing cutting-edge technologies and we look forward to transitioning these high-efficiency cells into mass production soon.”

Recently the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cell was raised to 15%. The world record for cadmium-telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic (PV) module conversion efficiency (16.1%) is currently held by First Solar, Inc., an American manufacturer of thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules. Last month, The Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Lab announced a world record of 31.1% conversion efficiency for a two-junction solar cell under one sun of illumination. A world record for a three-junction solar efficiency (44%) was also set by NREL scientists, in 2012.

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