Coming Soon: The 2010 Solar Power Rocks Report Card

Solar Report Card work in progress The 2010 Solar Power Rocks Report Card is On Deck!

While the above image may bring about memories of flash dance or some other 70s chic genre image I had no part of, those are actually gradesfor each of our 50 states across roughly 20 data points for residentialsolar energy. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been wrangling and wrestling with facts and figures, checking through sources, even on the phonewith state representative offices in different parts of the country toget these numbers all settled in and ready for delivery. For who? ForYOU!

Why the hell am I even bothering to do this? Well, besides the fact that it’s part of our mission to champion solar energy across the U.S. and world, it’s also our jobto keep everyone updated on the state of solar legislative policy aswell. Specifically, we asked the question, “In which states is aninvestment in solar energy a smart move?” To get at the answer to thatand a bunch of others, we sourced a ton of data and I mean it, a lot ofdizzying numbers, distilled them down to categories that providedmeaningful impact on the solar industry, gave each category a weight,then scored all of the data points on a scale of 0-5, and finallytabulated grades.

We’re very pleased with the methodology and our results, and will beusing them to update all of the state pages over the coming months.Aside from the decision-making course I am teaching again this fall at Portland State, updating all of ourpages with a breakeven analysis and payback structure, replete with allthe links you’ll need to get the ball rolling on your installation is my number one priority. We’ve created a great template for all of thisinformation to be dispersed, and we’re quite pleased that we’ll befinally completely up to date in a matter of weeks!

Stay tuned in the coming days for the release of the first of tensections of the report! Yes, I said ten! And it’s a damn fine kickoff, a visual piece of candy instead of a 70s dance floor. Which states payback the fastest for solar energy? That question gets answered in adown-scrolling exercise of surprise and intrigue. We’re pumped to sharethe results!


– Dan

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