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Many of us, who have been on the ground floor of the renewable energy business are secretly experiencing the warm fuzzy feelings that precedes explosive global growth. Economic opportunity of this scale happens very rarely. Recent history tells us that nothing changes on this scale ‘peacefully’ until the economics are in alignment with necessity and invention. This is a true test of a new energy reality, where climate change hits head on with abundant, cheap renewable energy. This collision translates into a $10 Trillion industry that will transform the current geo-political narrative (energy, water, climate, etc…) as we know it, and offer unprecedented opportunity for those who are on board when this train leaves the station. So how, you ask, is this going happen …and how can I get on the train?

First, allow me introduce you to Mr. Jigar Shah, who will guide you on the path in his just released book, Creating Climate Wealth.  He offers his reader a clear, engaging, easy to understand conversation about seizing this moment to make climate change a huge business opportunity – whether you work at the top, or in the trenches, and anywhere on the planet.

In this fast paced, straight forward read, he describes in detail the opportunity in front of all of us – how to turn the biggest challenge of our lifetime – climate change – into a $10 trillion dollar new economy. He actually presents a New Economy Plan that identifies 100,000 businesses selling $100 million in climate change solutions by 2020 — $10 Trillion!

If you don’t know Jigar, I recommend you get to know a little about him. He has revolutionized the solar industry by deploying the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solar-as-service business model. This business model used 30-year old solar technology to be the catalyst for a multi-billion dollar solar industry. Even if you are skeptical of the $10 trillion opportunity Jigar portrays, it’s worth reading to understand the power of innovative business models.  Jigar’s crucial message is that we need business model innovation, not just technology innovation to unlock the deployment of clean technologies around the world. Shah makes a compelling case for reaching our 2020 climate change goals through 100,000 companies worldwide, each generating $100 million in sales.

I recommend you buy the hard copy so you can share it. Do this at Amazon;

By Douglas Elbinger, Energy Policy Analyst,

Jigar ShahJigar Shah is author of “Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy” and an entrepreneur. Shah helped to unlock the multi-billion dollar worldwide solar industry with a business model innovation (Power Purchase Agreement), not a new technology. This model created SunEdison, the largest solar services company worldwide. Jigar Shah has shown that business model innovation applied to the biggest challenge of our lifetime – climate change – will unlock a $10 trillion dollar new economy. 

After SunEdison was sold in 2009, Jigar served through 2012 as the first CEO of the Carbon War Room –the global organization founded by Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Unite to help entrepreneurs address climate change. SunEdison and Carbon War Room proved that we could make positive change through business and financial model innovation in many industries. Today, as CEO of Jigar Shah Consulting, he works with global companies in a multitude of industries to deploy existing clean energy and resource efficiency solutions fueled by new business models.

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