Checking Your Blood Pressure with the Help of Solar Power 0


A new, affordable, easy-to-use,  solar-powered device to measure blood pressure could soon hit the market. OMRON — a manufacturer of medical equipment – developed HEM-SOLAR after the World Health Organization (WHO) challenged several companiesto develop an accurate, solar-powered  blood-pressure monitoring tool.

According to “Hypertension: Journal of the American HeartAssociation,” when the device was tested against a manual blood-pressure system in Uganda and Africa on over 700 people, it yielded a 94 percent accuracy rating when measuring systolic.

HEM-SOLAR costs $32 and eliminates the need to purchase batteries.One potential drawback to be corrected is that the device’s accuracylevel was lower when testing diastolic blood pressure.

This latest incarnation is just further testament of the many applications of solar power.

Image: HEM-SOLAR could be a useful tool for combatting cardiovascular disease in low-income countries

Check Your Blood Pressure, Solar Power Style

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