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The first look at the pictures of the Smart CEstar electric car and you wonder if it has just landed from the outer space and if it is really a car. Extremely low and streamlined, it is the creation of a Chinese manufacturer by the name Binzhou Pride. The company prior to its unfortunate death in 2008 specialised in designing rather infamous and weird models from existing Chinese vehicles and it was one of their designers who had erected the first prototype of sports machine in talk here. This very prototype was later converted into the ‘CEstar Smart.’

CEstar is also based in Shandong Province just like Binzhou and they are like brothers in blood, as they both enjoy a reputation for producing ugly cars. Smart, the electrical is regarded to be the very best of the line, when compared with other models like Cougar, Happy Baby etc.

According to the Chinese manufacturer’s site, CEstar Smart measures 2700mm by 1300mm by 1450mm and is a two seater sports car. The height may pose a problem and chances are it will suit only Chinese people and taller ones might not be able to fit in its height comfortably.

The weight of the vehicle stands at 660kgs and it will run on a 3000W motor capable of producing a maximum of 40 ponies. It is powered by a 48V 100AH DC battery pack and it takes about 8 hours for one complete charge and offers a maximum range of 65km. The top speed of the car is 80km/h and it is known to feature a pedal CVT.

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