Carbon Markets To Create Vast Business Opportunities for U.S. Companies

CO2 Emissions in United States

Carbon Credit Capital released an executive report about the prospective businessopportunities that U.S. companies have in the carbon market. Thereport, “Carbon Offsets: U.S. Business Opportunities Executive Report”,provides U.S. companies that are large emitters of greenhouse gases,with a concrete plan to develop a low cost strategy to mitigate theirfuture greenhouse gas liability.

As the global carbon market reached a total value of $144 billion inmid-2010, the carbon market continues to be the fastest growing globalcommodities market world-wide. The report explains the economics of the carbon market to an audience of large to medium-size U.S. companiesthat are likely to be subject to carbon emissions legislation in thenear future. The report demonstrates that if a federal bill passes,power companies, coal mining operations, cement, chemical and steelplants, can reduce their cost of compliance and benefit from takingmeasures in the near term. In addition, CCC presents a cost-benefitanalysis of a company investing in internal energy efficiency projectsand compares these to the lower cost of domestic and internationaloffsets as part of a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction plan. CCC shows howoffsets can be more economical than allowances, and provides practicalsteps for a company to forecast the cost of meeting its GHG liabilityunder a federal bill.

Even though the U.S. has not yet passed federal climate legislation,the report reveals that investing in carbon offsets today providescompanies with alternatives that will save money in the short to mediumterm. CCC illustrates that this is a cost effective strategy for U.S.companies by providing several reasons which include but are not limited to: 1) there will not be enough domestically generated carbon offsetsavailable to cover compliance needs for capped companies; 2) a strongportfolio of carbon offsets can create additional revenues for companies that sell carbon offsets at higher prices after regulations areimplemented; 3) early action allows for careful planning and for theopportunity to put together a high quality offset portfolio and to gainexperience in the carbon market.

In the “Carbon Offsets: U.S. Business Opportunities ExecutiveReport,” CCC predicts that the U.S. carbon market will expand to $2-3trillion over the next five years if a cap-and-trade scheme passes.Given the potential growth of the U.S. market, investing in carbonoffsets is a way for U.S. companies to keep their cost of compliancelower during the next twenty years.

Carbon Credit Capital, LLC (CCC) is a renewable energy financialservices and project development company dedicated to using carbonfinance to catalyze greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects in India and Latin America. The company identifies offset projects, attractsfinancing and brings its expertise in carbon finance and clean energy to project development teams in the U.S and in the countries where itworks with companies that are developing offset projects.


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