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Today’s world is quite contradictory with many people becoming green to save the environment, those who are polluting it and the rest not thinking about saving or polluting the environment at all. Everyone decides for himself which path to follow. But first of all you should understand and think about the impact you personally are making on the Earth. Of course, this impact is hard to count but it is easily observed over time.

It is also hard to estimate the opposite impact made by those people who care about green living and carbon management. So LSBF visualised the information about some positive changes observed in the carbon management industry for you to understand them easily.


The most striking figures are:

  • $8,000,000 spent in research on green energy in 2011 which equals the price of a NASA space racket;
  • Millions of green jobs created, only in China there are 1,5 mln  people with green jobs;
  • The top 5 sectors for investment are: solar energy, wind energy, biomass, biofuels and small hydros.

As you can see, the green movement is quite massive and as a big wave it covers more and more sectors and involves more and more people. It Is important to get educated in this sphere. Just get in as each person counts.

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