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If you are a nature lover and wish to work toward environment protection in all modern ways, here is something you would love for your most important gadget, your laptop. Check out a range of green laptop cases that are environmentally friendly, as well as uniquely stylish and modern to look at. You would fall in love with these.

  • Leaf in Flamingo Pink: Nothing would look as chic as this laptop bag in flamingo pink. Beautifully designed, this laptop or document carrier is quite flexible. You can easily clean it as it is made of fully recycled fiber. This bag can accommodate any 15-inch laptop and a few 17-inch laptops too. There is ample padding provided at the required places so you may carry it as you want. Along with your laptop, you may also slip in your favorite magazine or a newspaper as it has an easy-access pocket inside. The hardware is all brass-made and you would just love the embroidered flap that also has a small zipped pocket. There is contrasted lining provided inside the bag. You will find detachable clips and safe magnetic snap closure.


  • Eco Portabile Grande EPG1: This is a 17-inch organic bag that can fit almost any 17-inch laptop. Its outer fabric is in cotton canvas of cherry red color, with contrasting thin wool felt in dark gray/brown color. Interior fabric does not have the wool felt. You will get three pockets to keep your laptop accessories and other smaller tech gadgets. You will also find an interior zipped pocket. The laptop carrier section is properly padded.
  • GreenCase: Designed by Mika Bector from Georgia, USA, this slim and lightweight laptop holder is made of cardboard. Eco nerds would love this idea as it can be easily carried anywhere and made your workstation. Take it to a meeting and when you are done, just fold it inside and secure by looping its thread around the button. The cardboard has a foldable end that can hold the keyboard as it acts like an angular raised platform. There are appropriately carved out segments for keeping your smartphone, mouse and any document while you open it and work on your laptop. Thus, it’s quite ergonomic and practical.


  • Wood Case for MacBook: If you want a protective case for your MacBook, this wood case would act the as the best resource. You would love the contrasting texture it offers to your newly bought MacBook.


  • Silva’s Bamboo MacBook Case: The minimalistic construction of this eco-friendly case offers such a laptop carrier its style. This briefcase-type carrier is created out of a solid bamboo sheet and each of its shells is given a glass-smooth finish by sanding and rubbing them with natural tung oil. Its hard exterior look is beautifully complemented by the wool felt-lined interiors that softly protect your precious MacBook.

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