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Arizona and California solidified their reputation as national leaders in solar energy production and installation following several solar arrays recently being constructed in the states.

With more people and businesses realizing the benefits of solar energy around the country, solar installations in the Grand Canyon State and the Golden State are going up at a particularly fast pace. Given their sunny climes, they are perfect places for solar energy companies to prosper and enhance technology for future use.

Solar Junction orders from


Solar Junction, based in the California city of San Jose and one of the leading developers of high efficiency multi-junction solar energy cells for the concentrated photovoltaic market, recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with SolFocus to receive five megawatts of solar electricity.

Solar Junction is continuing to develop high-efficiency solar cells to heighten the competitiveness of concentrated photovoltaics. The company also recently announced a 50-megawatt project in Baja California, Mexico, which is the first stage of a planned 450-megawatt capacity facility that is planned to begin operating in late 2012.

“It is great to see growth in the sales and manufacturing sides at Solar Junction. It’s an indication that, ?technical? innovation in solar, will win the day,” said Jim Weldon, CEO of Solar Junction. “Our multi-junction solar cell technology provides the pathway to higher efficiency leading to higher performance for CPV system end users.”

Phoenix teams up for solar


Phoenix recently announced a partnership with the National Bank of Arizona, APS and SRP that resulted in Solar Phoenix 2 launching, which is the largest city-sponsored residential solar program, according to the Arizona Republic. It places solar panels on 1,000 roofs in the city each month, saving families 10 to 15 percent in energy costs monthly.

More than 150 jobs will be created in the Phoenix area and $25 million will be produced from the solar project, the Republic stated.

While Phoenix is emerging from an economic downturn with the rest of the country, the city has made significant progress to produce solar power to provide manageable green energy for residents. In addition to the Solar Phoenix 2 launch, U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu recently partnered with the city and Arizona State University to implement energy efficient strategies that will save residents energy and money, according to the newspaper.

Solar park planned for


Sun Edison also recently signed a loan agreement with the North American Development Bank in the amount of $65 million for a 20-megawatt solar park that is expected to be built in Picture Rocks, Arizona, according to EcoSeed. The NADB is an institution that was established and capitalized by the United States and Mexico for financing environmental facility projects along the border.

“We are very pleased to sign this loan with SunEdison, a company with a well-established presence in the solar energy sector,” said the development bank’s managing director Geronimo Gutierrez.

The project is expected to power an estimated 3,500 homes in Arizona and is subject to a 20-year power purchase agreement with Tucson Electric Power, the news source stated. Receiving power from the Picture Rocks solar park will allow Tucson Electric to meet the state’s renewable energy standard, which mandates that utilities produce 15 percent of their energy from green sources by 2025.

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