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While the cold and dark days of winter begin to fall upon us, November proved to be yet another successful solar month in California. For nearly a year, GRID Alternatives has taken residence in a small Sebastopol neighborhood, slowly turning house after house into a green energy outlet.

Enphase is no stranger to this solar neighborhood, having volunteered during the installation of more than five of its homes. The newest family to flip the solar switch was the Chans, who received a 2.4kW system. Ben Chan and his wife moved to the United States from Hong Kong 15 years ago to provide their two young children with better educational opportunities. Today, Ben works in the produce department at a supermarket while his wife nannies children of other Cantonese-speaking families.

The Chan Family

Two years ago, the Chans were able to help build and purchase their own affordable home through Burbank Housing. Thanks to GRID Alternatives, they were able to participate in the installation of their own PV solar array, too.

Paul Chan helping Enphase volunteers

“A system like this is not usually accessible to people in our income bracket,” said Ben Chan as his son Paul translated. “We are excited to be able to help the environment and at the same time save a lot of money.”

Enphase had a great two days with the family and GRID Alternatives, taking part in every step of the installation.

Enphase Volunteers

The Chan’s new system is expected to produce 135,000kWh over the course of its lifetime, equivalent to planting 1,650 trees and preventing 70 tons of carbon emissions from being leaked into the air. And if that isn’t enough, the family will save nearly $22,500.

GRID Alternatives’ mission is to empower communities in need by providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment, and training. Enphase is proud to have partnered with GRID since 2010, donating equipment and more than 2,000 employee volunteer hours.

Congratulations to GRID Alternatives for another successful install, and to the Chan family – we hope you enjoy your Enphase System!

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