Brooklyn Rooftop Greenhouse to be World’s Largest 0

It is not often that people in big cities get to grow their own fresh vegetables and fruits. But, thanks to hydroponics and some innovative designs, through which Bright Farms is allowing New Yorkers an access to fresh fruits and vegetables that they can cultivate on rooftops. This is one of the latest development as far as sustainable urban living is concerned. It will not only help to invigorate the financial system, but will also update the local produce

This farm will be constructed on Brooklyn’s industrial waterfront. The greenhouse crops are not grown in the soil as is usually done in other farms, but it incorporates a new technology, according to which nutrients are taken up by the crops straight from the water in which the plants are grown. With the new green rooftops, new employment avenues will open up for people in Brooklyn and it will help give a push to the local economy. This farm will provide an adequate amount of produce that will sufficiently cater to the fresh food needs of a number of people living in New York, thus encouraging a healthy living throughout the city.

This greenhouse farm by Bright Farms will feature among one of the biggest farms of the world and will provide up to a million pounds of local produce every year. This rooftop farm will meaningfully contribute to improve New York City’s food system by bringing about a remarkable increase in the local food production on the one hand, and on the other hand by positively impacting public health, the economy, and the environment, it will help New Yorkers to live more consciously.

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