British Columbia Gets 570 New EV Charging Stations 0

Yesterday morning, the BC government announced that it plans on allocating $2.74 million to construct 570 car-charging stations across the entire province. The charging stations could even stretch into the U.S.

The city of Vancouver is currently testing these charging stations with plans to set up an additional 67 by the end of 2013. The cost of charging is also absurdly cheap: $1 per hour. Fees for the other provincial stations have yet to be announced, although I don’t suspect they’ll come even close to the equivalent of the $4.19 per gallon I paid yesterday.

The BC government is also working closely with BC Hydro to install high-powered “Level 3” stations (they charge a car in 15 minutes) along major highways, including the roads leading to the US.

While the range of an electric car varies from model to model, the forthcoming ubiquity of charge stations combined with Level 3 chargers should help quell some range anxiety fears. In fact, taking into consideration the Washington-Oregon-California electric highway that is currently underway, West Coast electric car owners will soon no longer have any reason for range anxiety.

This is just another part of the province government’s Clean Energy Vehicle Program with this particular project being handled by the Fraser Basin Council. The Fraser Basin Council will work closely with districts and local governments to figure out the best spots for these new charging stations.

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