BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly Finds a Solar Installer 1

I am thankful this Thanksgiving that Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News show The Factor has located a reputable solar installer on Long Island. It couldn’t have been that hard as there are scores of reputable solar installers near O’Reilly’s Manhasset home.

As we reported yesterday, the television personality showed some eagerness to install solar or wind on the roof of his home this winter during the November 15th edition of The Factor. O’Reilly claimed that he’d go solar if only he could find somewhere it was available. He said, “I want to buy solar or wind for my house this winter. Can you tell me where to do that? There’s nowhere, no one.”

That’s just wrong.

Vote Solar took the opportunity on Friday to put out a quick call for New York solar companies interested in helping Mr. O’Reilly go solar, and by the end of this weekend, 16 companies and two trade associations representing dozens more solar installers had signed on to the cause.

Right before O’Reilly was about to take down Tesla’s electric car on the most recent episode of his show, O’Reilly talked about “all these [solar] crazy people” that had contacted him. He was in touch with “a legitimate guy” on Long Island who will provide a quote to Papa Bear.

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  1. I hope Bill reports on his experience. Starting 3 years ago, I have interviewed and attempted to spec out a home system in CT…out of 5 potential contractors, 3 only used google on line to estimate my likely yeild of energy. Finally on the 5 one, he actually used a ladder and made a direct measurement. He is so busy he cannot get me a quote in 2 months.
    The field is moving fast. Bill ought to check out the new Sharp modular system or Concentrated PV for residential ( he has the money and the smarts) and he ought to go with a Microinverter system…and report back to the “folks”

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