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MK Battery was founded by Mark Kettler and Mark Wels in January 1983 and incorporated in August 1984. The company has over 100 employees, including Mark Wels who continues to serve in an executive capacity with the parent company and on the MK Battery board of directors.

MK Battery was acquired by East Penn Mfg. Co. Inc., Lyon Station, PA, in September 1995, and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary. In addition to its multiple distribution centers throughout the USA, MK Battery operates its own sales and distribution branches in Europe and Australia, and works through distribution partners across the globe.

Headquartered in Anaheim, CA, MK Battery operates 20 distribution centers in the USA, six in Europe, and one in Australia, out of which we deploy a fleet of route delivery trucks. Each distribution center is staffed by MK Battery personnel. Additionally, East Penn Mfg. Co. (DEKA) provides warehouse services to MK Battery in numerous other USA locations.

East Penn Canada, an East Penn owned company, markets MK Battery's brands in Canada and supports MK Battery with inventory in multiple locations throughout Canada. M Thus, MK Battery has one of the most extensive distribution systems for Sealed VRLA batteries in all of North America and throughout much of the world. MK Battery brands are proudly utilized on all seven continents.



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