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Concept Spyder, the second variant of the BMW i8, has just been unveiled and just like its Coupe sibling; it also subtly combines a lightweight design and a leading drivetrain technology, eDrive. Spyder is the third iteration of i series, the range of new hybrid and electric cars ready for sale in 2013. There are plenty of other similarities and dissimilarities between the two i series coupe; read further to find out more.

The style of the two coupes is identical, but obviously, Spyder is an upgraded progression as it embodies a more radical and futuristic design. The transparent doors of the original coupe are gone and replaced with traditional units. The one thing worth retaining was the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) in order to keep its weight down without sacrificing strength.

Spyder is integrated with the petrol electric hybrid technology akin to the i8 coupe and is powered by a 16kW three cylinder turbo petrol engine in combination with a 96kW electric motor. With an output of 260Kw and 550Nm respectively, the Spyder can speed from zero to 100km/hr in merely 5 seconds. The electronically limited speed of the coupe is 250km/hr and it juices up 3 liters of petrol for every 100km and can move up to cover 30 km on electric charge alone.

Since the electric motor has been mounted on the front axle and the petrol engine powers the rear wheels, the Spyder can work as a front, rear or an all wheel drive. Although unveiled on April Fools day, 2012, the public debut is scheduled to take place at the Beijing Motor Show on April 22, 2012.

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