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The problem with clean tech is that it’s just not boring enough.

But boring is coming, promised Daniel Doctoroff, CEO of Bloomberg, as he kicked off the fifth annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York City.

The conference does not focus on any particular energy source, but the deep pockets of financiers brings together some of the most innovative entrepreneurs across the clean tech sectors. The theme of this year’s conference is moving to a post-subsidy world, whether for fossil fuels or renewables.

“We’re working for the day when clean energy is just energy, when smart grid is just the grid, when high-intensity light bulbs are just bulbs, when LEED-certified buildings are just buildings,” said Doctoroff.

At the close of the first day of the conference, Bloomberg announced 10 companies that have the potential to change the energy landscape forever.  From storage to home energy management to electric vehicle charging, the companies were chosen based on being game-changers and having momentum building solidly behind them from 2011 into 2012.

Here are the winners:

Tendril. Tendril, which once upon a time (last year) was seen as mostly just a home energy management company, has expanded to be a full-fledged energy platform for utilities and smart products to be delivered to consumers, who can then use the products to manage all of their energy-intensive devices. “It’s a platform for open, secure scalable consumer engagement,” said Kent Dickson, CTO for Tendril. The Boulder-based company likes to call it the energy internet. The product ecosystem includes OEMs such as Whirlpool, and it is also in a pilot with BMW for electric-vehicle charging.

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