Bill O’Reilly Needs Help Going Solar 0

In another tirade against solar, Bill O’Reilly recently said he couldn’t find anyone in Long Island to install a system on his house.

“There’s no where, no one,” explained O’Reilly. Gee, what a predicament.

Actually, as a quick Google search points out, there are more than a dozen companies installing solar electric and solar hot water systems around Long Island. And that’s not to mention the dozens of other solar companies working throughout New York State.

Unfortunately, if we can’t expect a major media figure like O’Reilly to do an easy Google search to find a solar company, how can we expect him to report fairly on the industry? As a recent compilation of Fox News clean energy coverage makes perfectly clear, the pundits railing against solar simply have no idea how the technology works. It’s time to fight back against this ignorance not by telling these pundits that solar works, but by actually showing them.

If you’re a solar company in New York, consider taking O’Reilly up on his offer and install solar on his house. If he’s serious about creating a “no spin zone,” maybe he’ll actually give the technology a fair shake.

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