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Could Best Buy’s Geek Squad perform home energy audits in your house the next time you need your television set up?  Yes!

“We see a real opportunity now to deliver education and experience and help consumers understand the technology,” explained Best Buy Senior VP Neil McPhail at an energy summit in Washington this week. Like many other companies providing such services, Best Buy wants to make efficiency a tangible product that is easy for consumers to understand and invest in.

With a major brand already established, Best Buy could bring additional scale to the burgeoning energy efficiency market.

The program will be implemented in three cities beginning in November: Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco. Geek Squad employees are being trained now in certain stores in those cities to perform nationally certified home energy audits.  Speaking at Best Buy’s recent annual energy-efficiency summit, CEO Brian Dunn said:

“We believe that there’s not a space that technology isn’t going to affect in consumers’ lives,” Dunn said. “And energy management is right over the next horizon …. We see this as a logical extension of our core business.” In fact, Dunn argued, true sustainability will only occur when companies such as Best Buy take the lead.

Along with the home energy audits, Best Buy will continue to sell energy efficient appliances, electronics and, for consumers who have electric cars, help set up the electric-car charging stations in a garage.

This follows moves from other major retailers like Lowes and Home Depot, which have offered solar packages and energy efficiency services. But this is the first time a consumer electronics chain has jumped into the market.

This is certainly a welcome move, as these companies have a unique opportunity to reach millions of consumers.

— Matt Kasper and Stephen Lacey

Original Article on Climate Progress

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