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Suntech’s latest solar search and photo competition generated pictures and short statements from more than 400 customers across the country. All showed great enthusiasm for their Suntech products, lower energy bills and a reduced environmental impact.

One woman called herself a “groovy granny” who decided to “go green, minimizing her power bills, lessening her carbon footprint and helping to build a sunny future for her grandchildren.”

Another customer said that Suntech panels “make life bright by cutting lots off electricity bills for ALL SORTS of families.” . Eric B. of Queensland said, “Let the sun shine and enjoy the benefits of Suntech solar… we can make the world greener.”

One installer said Suntech solar panels are his biggest selling product due to “market leadership, excellent warranties, availability and their excellent price point.” Another said “better efficiency equals better ROI and less performance degradation over time.”

Dale C. of Victoria is perhaps the most enthusiastic of all. He entered Suntech’s Super Draw — launched alongside the Solar Search contest — and walked away with the Grand Prize: An eco-friendly retrofit worth AUD 20,000 (about USD 20,600) to complement the 4.5 kW Suntech system he’d purchased. With his new system, energy-efficient appliances and rainwater storage tanks, Dale may never have to pay an electricity bill again. “I was already very happy with the performance of my Suntech solar panels,” he said. “When I found out that I had won [the retrofit], that was just icing on the cake.”

Twenty-one other contest entrants received digital cameras, iPads and iPhones, and a handful received AUD 1,000 cash prizes. Indeed, when Suntech first called, Fiona M. of Queensland thought she was hearing a telemarketer’s pitch. Her skepticism turned to glee when she found out she’d won a reward. “It’s helped boost our payback period and made it even more worthwhile to make our house sustainable,” Fiona said. She called her husband Darrin a “kid with a new toy” who’s constantly checking his system to see how much electricity their home is generating.

Darrin, in a bit of friendly spousal rivalry, wanted Suntech to know that he’s the one cleaning the panels — not Fiona.

Raymond L., another AUD1,000 winner, said he’s happy to have won cash while “gaining free energy from the Sun and lower power bills thanks to Suntech solar panels — which is a win-win for me!!”

Suntech launched the SuperDraw campaign to commemorate the company’s 10th anniversary and celebrate its loyal customers and partners in Australia.

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