AstroWatt Make Personnel Moves

It seems like there’s been a wave of news in the world of thin silicon and new approaches to crystalline silicon.

It’s an obvious weak link and cost target in the solar value chain:silicon is the major cost component in silicon solar panels.Manufacturers spend a great deal of time and energy to fabricate blocksof polysilicon, only to see up to half of that hard-earned materialturned into sawdust in the wafer production step.

Thinner silicon, more efficient ways of sllcing silicon or fabricating silicon wafers seems to be the solar meme du jour.

AstroWatt of Austin, Texas just announced the appointment of Curt Vass as CEO.Vass comes to the startup with 15 years of experience at AppliedMaterial’s silicon product division. According to the press release,"More recently, he has worked with a number of venture-backed companiesin the solar area, including two Sequoia Capital funded companies." Thetwo solar companies listed in the Sequoia Capital solar portfolio areClean Cell and SunRun.

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