Arizona Utility SRP Proposes Rate Changes For Solar Lease Customers — Potentially Trapping Customers With Uneconomical Leases 0

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arizona solarThe Arizona-based utility SRP recently proposed new rate changes/fees that will potentially see 12,000+ customers who use solar power systems stuck in leases that are no longer necessarily economical.

While the addition of $50 in new monthly fees for new customers who use a solar leasecertainly isn’t something to cheer for, the real issue here is that existing customers (most whom are already locked into decades-long leases) aren’t exempt from the fees for their full lease terms.

What’s been proposed by SRP is that existing customers can keep their current rate structure for another 10 years — but after that they’ll be subject to the new $50-a-month fees. What this means is that those locked in for 20-year leases could see the total costs of their systems rise substantially, undoing any potential savings that the lease might have provided.


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