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Locals in Genesee County, N.Y. can start the new year off with a nod to the sun, thanks to a new community solar purchasing campaign launched by Arista Power, Inc. Under the Solarize Genesee offering homeowners, businesses, municipalities and more can get a discounted photovoltaic array based on how many choose to participate. Early birds get a guaranteed bonus, too.

“We have offered a $1,000 rebate to the first 10 customers who will purchase solar PV through the Solarize Genesee program,” said Arista Vice President Cherrie Mahon. “We are interested in sparking interest for the early adopters, while folks who make a solar purchase after the 10 rebates are gone will benefit from bulk pricing.”

It’s not the first time Arista has done a Solarize campaign. It previously did the first such campaign, Solarize Madison, in New York. “Solarize Madison was a huge success,” Mahon said. “Being the first Solarize program in New York State, we had 28 customers purchase solar for their homes, businesses and farms. There were a few municipalities who also participated in the program and we expect some residual orders to come through as money is made available in 2013.”

In that project the majority of participants were residential. “There were two municipalities that purchased solar PV system to lower their consumption at their facilities within their community. Although the residential market dominated the rest, we feel strongly that more orders will come as the 28 solar PV systems continued to be installed,” Mahon said.

Under the new Solarize Genesee campaign, being offered by Arista under a partnership with the Genesee County Economic Development Center (GCEDC), discounts will be based on how many consumers participate.  “The price breaks, outside of the $1,000 rebate, is measured by the total capacity of the program,” Mahon explained. There are milestones where the price per watt will drop 5 cents per watt, between 50 kilowatts and 75 kilowatts, and up to 20 cents per watt if more than 100 kilowatts are installed through the program. “This will allow Arista to pass on savings from a materials purchasing standpoint and installation-standpoint, due to the close proximity of orders,” she explained.

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